Get customers. Keep customers. Sell them more.

We built Fosina to keep you in front of consumer purchasing behavior.

Our Solutions


Understanding your product and developing strategies to market it.

Messaging & Design

Developing custom creative specific to your audience.


Distributing your campaign through the right media channels.

Infrastructure Services

Screening, tracking and delivering quality purchasers to you.


Our marketing team engineers your product strategy from value proposition to price testing to concept development.


Our creative team designs a campaign to compel your audience through multiple media online and off.

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Fosina Marketing Group


Our media team builds and maintains relationships online, in social media, and in the offline world to find and gather your customers.


In addition to building the back end of your campaign, our technology team vets every acquisition using the proprietary systems they developed to deliver leads that convert to buyers.

subscription commerce
Fosina Marketing Group


Our account management team works directly for you, and your return on investment is their primary focus. They oversee your campaign and they lead follow up campaigns focused on customer retention and continued sales.

Our Process.

Fosina will keep you in the "develpoment loop" which is the most efficient and transparent way to manage a campaign. Through the careful blend of high-technology products, creative graphic design, and tested media outlets our focus is on helping you meet specific online marketing goals and reap the most ROI benefits.

It all begins
with you.

Our sales experts will begin the process of understanding your business, your goals and needs. From here, they’ll personalize a mix of online marketing products that will help you generate the most effective results based off your industry and competitive market.

Dedicated Account Management.

Once you’ve signed off on an omni channel that fits your needs, you will consult with one of our expert account managers to develop goals for your campaign. The account manager will be your point person for your campaign and will help you oversee all the moving parts of your campaign.

Technology backed by a team of experts.

Behind the technology, our online marketing experts work with your account manager to monitor your campaign's statistics and generate a path to the most effective results for your business. They may suggest to A/B test a new offer or a different upsell product to boost conversions.