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Customer Acquisition, Retention & Profitability

It always starts for us with a clear understanding of your product & offering. Our work begins with our research into your target consumer and competitive arena. We study competing products to understand your unique selling proposition. We provide insight into where, how and at what level of density your competitors are spending their marketing dollars. We model performance and profitability levels required to make the launch efforts successful.

Without this proper context, any recommendation that we would make would fall flat. We are committed to the success of your program in the market and we aren't shy with providing you the essential data and insight required to ensure success.

Your team at Fosina Marketing works in concert to develop all components of our marketing solutions recommendations. We will suggest in most cases that we perform audits of your marketing strategy and back-end infrastructure to ensure that each of these areas is secure and scalable.

Our media placement team will provide you with a targeted recommendation on the network of venues and level of effort and budget required to do battle in the competitive arena. Creative experts armed with an understanding of the proposed media placement schedule will work to develop compelling and engaging units that are optimized in these various environments

Fosina Marketing Group

Your Account Manager & Key Contact

While there are a number of different experts that are working on your team at Fosina, the key contact for your business is your Account Manager. Our team of AM's are tenured experts in working with a variety of customers and project focused on customer acquisition, retention and profitability. You can be sure that your account manager will manage the coordination of all elements of your program within our organization and is focused on driving bottom line results for your program. Account Management responsibilities include :

  • Coordination of all campaign planning, execution, fulfillment and analysis processes
  • Regular status update communication on all campaign components with clients
  • Program performance analysis vs Client KPI's
  • Ongoing recommendations on improvement to programs
  • Overall program management, performance, optimization and P&L reconciliation

Your Bottom Line is Ours!

Our goal as an organization is for our clients to feel as though they are working with a team that just as committed as their best employees. We work each day to not only execute your strategy and create success. We are always looking to do more to help you win more competitive battles and establish leadership in your competitive marketplace. In a world that is forever changing, you need to work with a team that is a student of what works in order to remain competitive....We are always focused on the cutting-edge of technology, services and insights to better serve you. Our service offering is sharpened through the latest innovations in....

  • Social media expansion
  • The Rise of the Subscription Economy channel
  • The leveraging of real time consumer data
  • The evolution of digital commerce
  • New strategies in customer retargeting
  • Omni Channel customer acquisition strategies
  • Consumer Persona Modeling
  • CRM and search retargeting
subscription commerce

We continue to be students of our marketplace and are always looking for new tools and services that will augment our capabilities to serve your needs better.

Fosina Marketing

The Fosina marketing team works in tandem with the creative, technology and media teams to develop the latest solutions to help you navigate today’s media channels and increase your ROI.