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The Power of Engagement

It's really never been about "reach" or "awareness". The promise of great messaging and design within advertising and marketing has always been about the ability to engage with the prospect in a meaningful way. The opportunity is to capture the attention of the prospect in a way that provides the recipient with just enough of an incentive to move forward towards greater interest and purchase. While many pay too much attention to "awards & recognition"; our focus continues to be the intersection between content, design and the consumer, doing all we can to drive customer acquisition and retention.

Message Optimization

Today's consumer is leveraging a network of digital devices to access information and conduct commerce. In order for a brand to engage a prospect in their preferred device and channel; content and design must be optimized for each digital touch point. Whether it is mobile or desktop, the consumer has come to expect that messages are rendering properly within that device. It is also expected by today's consumer that brands will leverage the full suite of digital tools...video etc. in communicating with them. At Fosina Marketing, our design and content team work in real-time, to ensure that our message design is optimal for the venue required. Here is a suite of offerings that we provide our clients.

  • Responsive Landing Pages
  • Mobile Optimized Email
  • Web Sites
  • Print (design, production)
  • Brand Development
  • Banner Ads

In-House Studio Capabilities

Fosina has an in-house team of messaging and design experts who have great tenure in both traditional print and direct mail along with great "chops" leveraging the digital pallette. The team understands that success for our clients may entail the execution of campaigns in an integrated manner via traditional and digital platforms. They have a keen understanding of the importance of representing brands in a consistent manner regardless of the venue. Our in-house capabilities include:

  • Social Media graphics, promotions & ads
  • Digital Photography & Image Retouching
  • Package Insert Programs, Brochures, Postcards, Inserts
  • Direct Marketing Campaigns
  • Copywriting
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Our Messaging & Design Team is obsessed with performance metrics

The only awards and recognition that our team yearns for is knowing that their work performed for our clients. Their biggest achievements are measured by the relationship of their work and "moving the needle" for our clients. It's rare to find such a committed group of professionals who work in this manner.

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