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Real time market changes demand real time marketing solutions

Fosina has a 15-year track record of providing industry-leading solutions to address the ever-evolving needs of subscription marketers. Fosina leverages identity solutions in support of audience segmentation and targeting. With the rise of the direct-to-consumer channel, marketers must enhance and/or develop a compelling offering to stake out a competitive advantage of this market shift. This is why Fosina provides:

  • An expert team with extensive knowledge and experience building, maintaining and accelerating all aspects of a direct-to-consumer offering.
  • A suite of mission-critical tools & services for building a successful digital direct-to-consumer strategy and program.
  • An operating discipline that ensures that your program has a solid "back-end" foundation, allowing your business to grow and scale efficiently and effectively.
  • An understanding of the consumer marketplace and the preferences being exhibited in relation to the viability and success of your business value proposition.
  • A strong focus on customer acquisition and retention. Today’s direct-to-consumer businesses must build a solid base of return customers with recurring revenue to be profitable and successful.
  • A deep-rooted respect for your bottom line. We are fully transparent and accountable to achieving your bottom line demands.

Meet the team

An ever-changing consumer market and constantly evolving consumer purchasing behavior demands an innovative and flexible group of individuals dedicated to helping you reach your goals. We love what we do and have spent years building experience and knowledge that benefits your business and your bottom line.


Jim Fosina - Since 2003

Founder and CEO, Fosina Marketing Group and Co-Founder, Amora Coffee

Jim has spent his career as a business builder, thought leader and pioneer of the evolution of Direct to Consumer marketing and product fulfillment directly into the home. Complimenting the traditional retail sales channel, Jim is an agent of change for both clients with a need and the end consumer with wants, needs and desires as this continued and rapid purchase behavior continues to evolve at a rate paralleled only with the introduction of the internet two decades ago. Jim has a keen sense of the challenges that marketers and innovators of products, goods and services face today. His primary objective is to expand the footprint of customer acquisition, high lifetime value sales, retention loyalty, return on investment and overall customer satisfaction.

With entrepreneurism as the core of his thinking, Jim is not afraid to test new ideas, fail and learn but most importantly humbled upon success with a willingness to parlay to the next achievement. Jim is the founder of multiple businesses including Fosina Marketing Group, Fosina Offers and Amora Coffee. Highly experienced in Subscription Marketing and full Eco-System management, Jim leads his Team at Fosina Marketing Group in bringing client’s existing, new or repurposed value propositions to the subscription channel generating over a billion dollars in consumer sales thus far. Walking his Talk, Jim also Co-Founded Amora, a Coffee and Tea Direct-to-Consumer Subscription service which has recently surpassed a half million subscribers.

Deep roots in the Direct-to-Consumer Subscription channel started for Jim as he held Marketing and Operations positions at Kraft-General Foods in the Gevalia Home Delivery Coffee division, Nestle Waters in their national distribution of Bottled Water directly into home, Grolier Books in the Marketing of Children’s books directly to Mothers as well as creating and launching Grolier’s Internet channel which resulted in its sale to Scholastic Inc.

Jim prides himself on his passion, determination and sense of responsibility to help solve clients’ problems cost effectively and efficiently with the utmost transparency that distinguishes Jim’s leadership from many of his peers. He refuses to accept any mediocrity and aspires to make every client a winner and each consumer a satisfied customer.

Jim believes in giving back and paying forward with a pure focus on Kids. Serving on the Executive Board of Directors for Junior Achievement for almost 20 years, a Board Advisor to Western Connecticut State University for over 20 years, an Executive Board Director of Marketing EDGE and an unwavering dedication to supporting and raising money for the Juvenile Arthritis Foundation and Al’s Angels for Kids with rare disease.

Talk to Jim about his passion outside of work and it is giving back by working with charities with a focus on helping Kids make it to the next step, a throwback to those who helped him as a Kid in achieving all that he is proud of today.

Jim’s favorite morning (and all day) beverage? Amora Vigorosi, black, no sugar please. Who says 15 cups per day is all that bad??

If you can’t reach Jim on his mobile, then there is only one of two places he can be … in the woods or along the water taking in the outside. For a guy who fears heights, Jim loves ziplining and skiing the double black diamond face of snowy hills – go figure. A real passion for gardening and landscaping takes him out of his corporate shoes and slacks while he finds his utmost satisfaction in making everyone in his family happy and safe.

Marina DiDomenico – Since 2010

Chief Information Officer, Fosina Marketing Group, Co-Founder Amora Coffee

Marina’s diverse career gives her a unique perspective on entrepreneurship, innovation and the information required in anticipating and ensuring the satisfaction of key stakeholders. Starting with Kraft-General Foods, her disciplined acumen is grounded in her Financial Controls, Procurement, Analytics and Forecasting for the Grocery Food Service Units along with key responsibilities within the Maxwell House Coffee entrepreneurial direct-to-consumer unit, Gevalia Coffee. Marina’s return on investment and high focus on The Customer Comes First, led to her founding of DiDomenico Reality, a real estate brokerage, property management and investment corporation. Marina is responsible for all corporate intelligence and human resources at Fosina Marketing while also co-leading the strategy and execution of Amora, a leading Direct-to-Consumer Subscription Coffee and Tea service of which she co-founded in 2011.

Ask Marina about her passion outside of work and she will quickly answer that it is cooking for her large family, especially when she has any or all of her children join her in the kitchen to learn Mom’s recipes!

Marina’s favorite morning beverage? Amora’s Elegante with a splash of Oat Milk – several cups please.

Marina is a pet parent not a dog owner, sand on the beach and snow on the slopes is the special treat to look forward to, cooking is friend while gardening is foe, butterflies bring messages in their colors and size and she truly believes in making every day a better day for any child she knows or doesn’t know.

Diane Petruzzelli - Since 2004

Executive Vice President

Diane’s role is to provide strategic guidance to Fosina's Account Management team, onboard new clients, and is the lead on consulting services for clients including strategic planning all with the intent to ensure that our clients' sales are growing and that their best interests are always being served. Prior to joining the agency, she served as a media executive for leading subscription publishing companies, planning and buying billions of impressions in all areas of Digital and Offline Marketing. Diane also launched the industry's first major pay-for-performance partnerships.

Diane’s passion outside work is at least 30 minutes a day doing Yoga and giving back to the elderly.

Diane’s favorite morning beverage? Amora Intenso with lots of milk!

Diane is a believer in living holistically meditating every morning. To relax, Diane and her husband enjoy spending time doing yoga together. One of Diane’s favorite things to do is cook- she loves to make an Italian feast to enjoy with friends. Good friends and good food are two of her favorite things.

Ron Lichwalla - Since 2010

Chief Financial Officer

Having served as CFO for some of the country's largest direct response companies, Ron is expert in knowing what it takes to build a profitable direct response business. The financial models he developed for maximizing ROI on new product investment and campaign spending for subscription businesses have become industry standards. In his role as Fosina’s CFO, Ron watches the bottom line for our clients' businesses as well as our own. Ron’s extensive experience in all phases of direct to consumer marketing includes promotion and database analysis, logistics and manufacturing. Ron describes himself as a “hands on" CFO and team builder.

Talk to Ron about his passion outside of work and he’ll spend a fair amount of time telling you all about harness racing.

Ron’s favorite morning beverage? Double shot of Amora Vigorosi.

Nothing takes your mind off spreadsheets and financial statements like fighting a striper or blue on Long Island sound – a daring venture for someone who never learned how to swim. Don’t look for him at home on weekends, especially during the fair season in Maine as Ron’s probably racing his home-bred harness horses...clearly “The way life should be.” His wife tells us he spends countless hours in his backyard garden growing tomatoes, cukes, etc. which she can readily buy at the supermarket for less than $5.00. Top priority in his life today – GRAND KIDS!


Kelly Mariano - Since 2011

Director of Account Management

Kelly has a track record of working with clients to optimize the performance of their campaigns for over 15 years. Prior to joining Fosina Marketing; Kelly served as a Web Marketing Manager for the Scholastic organization where she launched, managed and optimized a number of product campaigns for the company. In her role as Fosina’s Director of Account Management; Kelly oversees and works closely with the account management team, creative and operation teams to provide only the highest level of service to our clients. Kelly’s team works very closely with our clients and continues to build strong and growing profitability in each of our client relationships. The team focuses on upsell and cross sell of new services on a customized basis to improve overall client performance.

Talk to Kelly about her passion outside of work and she will gladly tell you about some wonderful summer days on the boat with her family.

Kelly’s favorite morning beverage? Amora Intenso with a hint of milk.

When Kelly is out of the office she loves spending time volunteering at all the activities her children love. During the holiday season you can find Kelly volunteering at the Nutcracker where her daughter dances! Kelly also loves to spend time with her son during the summer teaching him all the rules of the water on the boat! Kelly’s favorite vacation was her most recent trip to Turks and Caicos with her husband and children!


Jason Sommerville - Since 2007

Vice President of Media

Jason brings over fifteen years of media and marketing experience to serve Fosina’s direct to consumer clients. Jason leads, vets and delivers media procurement assignments with the support of Fosina Media Planners/Analyst for our client’s benefit. Jason enhances client media needs with a deep understanding of the target audience demographics, offer configurations creative conceptualization, along with branding and sales promotion input when required. Extensive knowledge of Fosina’s reporting system rounds out the media work delivered with the goal being client KPI’s and ROI objectives to meet and exceed expectations.

Talk to Jason about his passion outside of work and gladly he’ll tell you about some serious cycling adventures he’s been on.

Jason’s favorite morning beverage? Amora Intenso as long as it is strong and hot!

Jason has a tremendous passion for hiking, cycling and snowboarding. His passion for outdoor sports has taken him to 21 states across our great country on some wonderful adventures.

Ray Schneeberger - Since 2012

Vice President of Business Development

Ray’s work skillset and experience span 30 years of Business Development in the Direct to Consumer and Non-Profit channels. Ray sees so many new business opportunities each day, that he can’t wait to explain Fosina’s capabilities and model to companies that will immediately benefit from Fosina’s deep expertise in all things subscription. New customer acquisition and retention are critical to success as is understanding where the consumer purchase behavior is heading next. Ray’s new business skillset and networking acumen were built in his tenure in the data and list business as well as active participation in industry associations and related events. Directly connected to new business development, Ray also contributes to Fosina’s PR campaigns because at the end of the day, new business and brand awareness work hand in hand.

Talk to Ray about his passion outside of work and he’ll tell you all about fishing. Fresh or salt water, it doesn’t matter as long as he can wet a line.

Ray’s favorite morning beverage? Amora Cold Brew.

Work Life balance – Ray keeps the scale even by taking the time to get outside whenever possible with his spouse and “Enzo”- the family golden retriever now that the kids are on their own. Music is another great enjoyment and while still holding on to a box full of CD’s, Ray’s like a kid in the candy store using Spotify as an avid subscriber and playlist creator. When he can, he enjoys surf fishing and doesn’t mind if the day turns up empty. Nothing quite like standing in the surf and anticipating that next big catch.


Ross Silva - Since 2011


Ross is a seasoned professional with a 20-year track record of success in Operations and Financial Management. In his previous roles, Ross had experience both in domestic and international locales. Ross has served as Operations Controller at Newfield Publications; Senior Director Finance and Operations at Scholastic and COO/CFO at Sandviks. Ross is a hands-on manager with proven skills in analytics, trouble-shooting, budgeting and operations optimization. Ross has leveraged his deep skill and understanding of all elements of the Fosina Subscription Ecosystem business operations and client offering.

Talk to Ross about his passion outside of work and he’ll tell you all about sports, any kind of long as its football.

Ross’s favorite morning beverage? Amora’s Dark sensation “specialty coffee” with a little bit of milk.

Ross is a dedicated family man who loves spending time with his 6 grandchildren in the pool in the summer and vacationing with them to Florida during the winter! When he’s not working you can find Ross on the golf course enjoying a round with his friends. Ross is an avid sports watcher and his favorite is football. Go Steelers!

Ken Sciuto - Since 2009


Before coming to Fosina, Ken was the engineer of the Fulfillment Systems for former direct marketing powerhouse Grolier Direct Marketing. Today, Ken Sciuto is the architect of Fosina's unrelenting subscription fraud screening and order verification, which while reducing order volume in a pay for performance media model, can mean the difference between positive and negative ROI for our subscription clients P&L. He is also the hands-on builder of all hosting and subscription fulfillment for Fosina clients. His expertise in IT systems, best practices for credit card merchant processing and real time credit card authorization development specifically for recurring revenue/subscription marketing is un-matched.

Talk to Ken about his passion outside of work and he’ll tell you all about skiing and giving back. Ken has served for many years as a Boy Scouts of America Troop Leader and as member of the National Ski Patrol.

Ken’s favorite morning beverage? Amora’s English breakfast tea with a little bit of honey.

When Ken is out of the office he enjoys spending his time in the outdoors. He loves camping and has been a Boy Scout Troop Leader for 26 years and participated in Boy Scouts throughout his entire childhood. Ken loves spending time on the weekends going to hear live music-especially when his close friends are the band members! Ken is an avid sports fan and is always cheering for the Mets, Knicks and the Giants.




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“Jim Fosina and the entire team at Fosina Marketing Group have been a top-notch partner of ours in every sense. Everyone in the Fosina network receives world-class treatment and a genuine commitment from Fosina leadership to go above and beyond the call of duty to be of service.”

– Matt Rizzetta, N6A

“Fosina Marketing Group fueled the start of the subscription box craze and continues to provide great service and strategy to their clients and partners. Fosina Marketing's success stems from the company’s ability to innovate, which places the company head-and-shoulders above the crowd.”

– Fluent, Inc.

“Fosina Marketing Group is a full-service digital agency, known as "THE" place to go for Subscription marketing. Their end-to-end solutions are always P & L focused with an eye towards improving their clients' ROI. Highly recommend!”

– Paulette Oliva, Merit Direct

“Fosina played an important role in our achieving top-3 media company placement on the Inc. 500 in 2015 and top-20 in 2016. Jim Fosina and his entire team are a pleasure to work with and I recommend their services to any company looking to grow and prospser in the subscription marketing space.”

– Craig Mirabella, EverBright Media

“Fosina’s account team is smart and strong, bringing years of successful client goal achievement. They offer everything from brand building to message/offer optimization and strategic insight and tactics.”

– Danielle Brooks, Brooks Marketing

“Jim Fosina and his team have decades of experience in consumer brand marketing. Firm is very active in trade organizations such as the Direct Marketing Club of New York and Hudson Valley DMA. Jim is very active in supporting local charitable causes such as Junior Achievement.”

– Ken Kraetzer, cbsi Financial & Marketing Services

“Jim and his team of talented marketers are undisputed leaders when it comes to subscription-based marketing models and really helped Eaglemoss to solidify our footprint in the United States.”

– Gianluca Latini, Eaglemoss

“A+ on strategy & execution but continually impressed by the flow of ideas on how to grow our program. Thank you Fosina Marketing Group for your partnership!”

– Gail Arcamone, Save the Children