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A Full Service Digital Marketing Solutions Company

Real Time Market Changes demand Real Time Marketing Solutions

For the last 15 years, Fosina Marketing Group has built a track record for providing an industry leading solution set, addressing the needs of subscription based marketers. With the rise of the direct to consumer channel, ALL marketers must enhance and/or develop a compelling offering in order to take advantage of this market shift. Fosina Marketing is uniquely positioned to be of service to marketers with this need. We provide:
  • An expert team with key knowledge and experience in building, maintaining and accelerating all aspects of a direct to consumer offering.
  • A suite of tools & services that are mission critical to building a successful digital direct to consumer strategy and program.
  • An operating discipline that ensures that your program has a solid foundation in all aspects of your "back-end", allowing the business to grow and scale efficiently and effectively.
  • An understanding of the overall consumer marketplace and the preferences being exhibited in relation to the viability and success of your business value proposition.
  • A strong belief that our efforts on your behalf must be focused on customer acquisition and retention. All successful businesses today in the direct to consumer arena must build a solid base of recurring customers in order to be profitable.
  • A deep rooted respect for your bottom line. We understand all that we do on behalf of our clients needs to be transparent and accountable to achieving bottom line demands.

Start with Understanding Your Needs

At Fosina Marketing, we take great pride in understanding your specific needs and goals. Our team will spend time with you to understand the specific challenges you face in the competitive arena. It is with that level of understanding that we can provide you with the insight and recommendations that will guide us on the path towards building,maintaining and/or enhancing your direct to consumer efforts. Our experts can and will provide you with incremental market insights in order to put all of these discussions in proper context.

Real Time Insight

Throughout our history, Fosina Marketing Group has taken great pride in the level of insight we have gained thru working on thousands of direct to consumer campaigns for our customers. Subscription and Direct to Consumer marketing is nothing "new" to all of us. It is this level of understanding and knowledge of what "works" and what doesn't that we bring to every customer engagement. Whether it is our infrastructure audit, competitive set analysis and/or our insight on offer viability and media and messaging program, we are committed to providing our clients with the most direct insight and direction we can to ensure success of the program.

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Fosina Marketing Group

Harnessing the Digital Tool Kit

There are many "shops" in the digital sector that have access to "enabling" technology products. There really isn't anything all that unique about a set of "digital tools" . At Fosina Marketing, we take pride in our team of professionals who have truly harnessed the power and functionality of these tools to achieve the goals and objectives of our clients. We never see the deployment of a tool as a sole effort. We need it is mission critical to work with the full suite of tools in a highly integrated manner in order to achieve the mission of the client's objective. Our team leverages the latest platforms in Email Marketing, SEO, SEM, Social Media Marketing, Incentive Media, Display & Mobile messaging etc. in order to generate the desired results for our clients.

The Message is Critical

Consumers are your target customers and are accessing content and conducting commerce via a wide range of devices and platforms. In order to reach and engage in a meaningful way with your customers and prospects, you need to ensure that your marketing message is optimized from a creative and content standpoint to take advantage of each content/consumer interaction. At Fosina Marketing, we have a team of expert designers and copywriters that understand the range of platforms and the best way to "package" your offering in order to make it most engaging and effective. Our team is doing more than "branding"; they are focused on driving consumers from awareness to engagement and ultimately conversion and loyalty. All members of the team understand that the real success of their work is driving bottom line results.

Fosina Marketing Group
Fosina Marketing Group

Students of Market Research

Consumer purchasing and communication patterns are changing in real time. In order to be successful today, no one can rest on legacy thinking and/or strategies. At Fosina Marketing, we are in "ongoing education" mode all the time. Without a commitment to learning, we can miss shifts being made in the market and the impact that they will have on our client's businesses. When you work with the team here at Fosina, you can be sure that our insight, direction and recommendations are based in real market data and understanding. Your success is our only mission and we take it very seriously.

Real Time Obsession

Change in our marketing arena is happening just too fast for many to keep up. We see evidence of "laggards" everywhere. At Fosina Marketing, we are obsessively focused on providing our customers with real time solutions that take advantage of our changing environment. We won't waste your time or your money. We run at the pace of the market with a focus on doing all we can, as efficiently as we can, to help you achieve your goals and objectives. Your bottom line is our bottom line. From the moment that we engage with your company, we work diligently to present ideas and programs that can have direct positive impact on your company's bottom line from day one!

Fosina Marketing Group
Fosina Marketing Group

Customer Engagement - Our DNA

While many have been focused on reaching an audience, Our formula at Fosina Marketing pivots on customer engagement. Without customer engagement there is no change of success in your highly competitive arena. We are driven to finding your customers and prospect regardless of their preferred venue and/or devise and building strategies and tactics that move them in the direction of conversion, affinity and loyalty. We hold no bias on the path taken to engagement; rather we are motivated by driving the end result.

We Are Where The Customers Are.

Connecting with them through any device

The Fosina Formula. Simple in concept, multifaceted in design — we simultaneously take the Right Offer, Engaging Creative, Focused Media and Protective Technology to create success for our clients by finding and keeping their best customers while maximizing customer lifetime value and increasing recurring revenues.



Our Executive Team

At Fosina we've surrounded ourselves with the best of the best, because everyone needs an expert to turn to at some point, and they might as well be under your roof. Even more to the point, it makes your clients happy.

Jim Fosina

Founder and CEO

If you are involved in online direct response, chances are you already know Jim Fosina. He's led the building of online businesses for a number of the biggest and best-known traditional direct marketing companies (Gevalia, Tassimo, Gerber Life, Bertelsmann, Scholastic and more), generating hundreds of millions of dollars in the process. Jim also helped write the book on CANSPAM compliance as prior Chairman of the DMA Ethics & Policy Committee and, prior to founding Fosina, served as SVP of Online Marketing for Scholastic, and in numerous marketing roles for Kraft's Gevalia Kaffe.

Marina DiDomenico

Chief Information Officer

Marina joined Fosina in 2010 and is in charge of Human Resources & Organizational Dynamics. Prior to Fosina, Marina spent a decade in the direct-to-consumer/subscription economy as a leader at Kraft Foods’ Gevalia Coffee product line. As an executive at Kraft, Marina was chiefly responsible for operations within the Financial Controls, Procurement & Grocery Food Service business units. Marina rose in the ranks at Kraft and became a “go-to” executive in the Maxwell House Coffee Co. management organization, and was a key member of the team formed for Strategic Foodservice initiatives and Partnerships at the senior corporate level. Marina is also the co-founder of Amora Coffee and serves as the lead executive managing the day-to-day marketing and business operations. Marina graduated from Lubin School of Business at Pace University

Diane Petruzzelli

EVP Client Services

Diane Petruzzelli leads Fosina's Account Management team to ensure that our clients' sales are growing and that their best interests are always being served. Prior to joining the agency, she served as a media executive for leading continuity publishing companies, overseeing the buying of billions of impressions in Online, DM, Enclosures, FSIs, Space, DRTV and Radio. Diane also launched the industry's first major pay-for-performance partnerships including Priceline and Cool Savings for Scholastic-at-Home.

Ron Lichwalla

Chief Financial Officer

CFO for some of the country's largest direct response companies, Ron Lichwalla is expert in knowing what it takes to build a profitable DR business, online or off. The financial models he developed for maximizing ROI on new product investment and campaign spending for continuity businesses have become industry standards. In his role as Fosina CFO, Ron watches the bottom line for our clients' businesses as well as our own.

Kenneth Sciuto

Chief Technology Officer

Ken Sciuto is the architect of Fosina's unrelenting fraud screening and order verification, which while reducing order volume by as much as 50 percent, can mean the difference between positive and negative ROI for our clients. He is also the hands-on builder of all hosting and continuity fulfillment for Fosina clients. Before coming to the agency, Ken was the architect of the Continuity Fulfillment Systems for former DM powerhouse Grolier Direct Marketing. His expertise in IT systems development specifically for continuity marketing is matched by few.

Ross Silva

Director Of Operations

Ross is a seasoned professional with a 20 year track record of success in Operations and Financial Management. In his previous roles, Silva had experience both in domestic and international locales/ Ross has served as Operations Controller at Newfield Publications; Senior Director Finance and Operations at Scholastic and COO/CFO at Sandviks. A hands on manager with proven skills in analytics, trouble-shooting, budgeting & operations optimization. Joining the company in 2011, Ross has leveraged his deep skill and understanding of all elements of the Fosina Eco System business operations client offering.

Kelly Mariano

Director of Account Management

A key component of building strength and stability of Fosina Marketing is focused on working with our existing clients to insure that our services are meeting and exceeding their expectations in terms of their business goals. Kelly has a track record of working with clients to optimize the performance of their campaigns for over 15 years. Prior to joining Fosina Marketing; Kelly served as a Web Marketing Manager for the Scholastic organization where she launched, managed and optimized a number of product campaigns for the company. In her role as Director of Account Management; Kelly oversees and works closely with the account management, creative and analytics organizations in the company to insure that we are providing only the highest level of service to our customers. Kelly’s team works very closely with our clients and continues to build strong and growing profitability in each of our client relationships. The team focuses on upsell and cross sell of new services on a customized basis to improve overall client performance.