• Meet the Company

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A full-service online marketing company

Built to stay ahead of today's evolving consumer purchasing behavior

We founded Fosina over 13 years ago to translate direct-to-consumer marketing into the online space. In that time, we grew into a multifaceted digital agency that provides all elements of subscription marketing for our clients.
  • A nimble organization designed to anticipate, respond and adapt.
  • Experienced account management that answers to your bottom line.
  • Seasoned teams with complementary skills and a passion for results.

Start with the best people

Fosina is a close-knit group of highly specialized and talented people, each of whom is the best of the best at what they do. When it comes to getting jobs done with superior results, it’s always best to surround yourself with experts.

Master all the elements

Fosina’s dedicated teams cover all of the elements of subscription marketing. While one team is dedicated to campaign development, another focuses on creative and design, a third specializes in distributing your campaign through the media channels that reach your audience, a fourth establishes the quality of the customer. When that’s said and done, your account manager focuses on keeping your customers longer to maximize your return on investment.

Fosina is different from any other agency because we account for every dollar we spend, and you only pay per performance.

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Fosina Marketing Group

Maintain strong relationships

Having a deep bench of marketing experts gives you the luxury of relationships developed and maintained over time. Those strong relationships mean Fosina provides a team that works together for you smoothly and effectively. It gives you access to our years of doing business with best-in-class media providers, printers, list management teams and other marketing professionals. And it results in buying power for you based on a history of volume, high-profile brands and outperforming campaigns.

Always keep an eye on tomorrow

You find what works and get really good at it. Today, we’re the best agency there is for full-service, online subscription marketing. But we know that tomorrow, the way to stay in front of consumer purchasing behavior will change, because technology will change, social media will change, and the next big thing will come along.

We’re already planning for our business to grow into something new so we can be ready to help yours do the same.

Fosina Marketing Group

We Are Where The Customers Are.

Connecting with them through any device

The Fosina Formula. Simple in concept, multifaceted in design — we simultaneously take the Right Offer, Engaging Creative, Focused Media and Protective Technology to create success for our clients by finding and keeping their best customers while maximizing customer lifetime value and increasing recurring revenues.



Our Executive Team

At Fosina we've surrounded ourselves with the best of the best, because everyone needs an expert to turn to at some point, and they might as well be under your roof. Even more to the point, it makes your clients happy.

Jim Fosina

Founder and CEO

If you are involved in online direct response, chances are you already know Jim Fosina. He's led the building of online businesses for a number of the biggest and best-known traditional direct marketing companies (Gevalia, Tassimo, Gerber Life, Bertelsmann, Scholastic and more), generating hundreds of millions of dollars in the process. Jim also helped write the book on CANSPAM compliance as prior Chairman of the DMA Ethics & Policy Committee and, prior to founding Fosina, served as SVP of Online Marketing for Scholastic, and in numerous marketing roles for Kraft's Gevalia Kaffe.

Ron Lichwalla

Chief Financial Officer

CFO for some of the country's largest direct response companies, Ron Lichwalla is expert in knowing what it takes to build a profitable DR business, online or off. The financial models he developed for maximizing ROI on new product investment and campaign spending for continuity businesses have become industry standards. In his role as Fosina CFO, Ron watches the bottom line for our clients' businesses as well as our own.

Diane Petruzzelli

EVP Client Services

Diane Petruzzelli leads Fosina's Account Management team to ensure that our clients' sales are growing and that their best interests are always being served. Prior to joining the agency, she served as a media executive for leading continuity publishing companies, overseeing the buying of billions of impressions in Online, DM, Enclosures, FSIs, Space, DRTV and Radio. Diane also launched the industry's first major pay-for-performance partnerships including Priceline and Cool Savings for Scholastic-at-Home.

Kenneth Sciuto

Chief Technology Officer

Ken Sciuto is the architect of Fosina's unrelenting fraud screening and order verification, which while reducing order volume by as much as 50 percent, can mean the difference between positive and negative ROI for our clients. He is also the hands-on builder of all hosting and continuity fulfillment for Fosina clients. Before coming to the agency, Ken was the architect of the Continuity Fulfillment Systems for former DM powerhouse Grolier Direct Marketing. His expertise in IT systems development specifically for continuity marketing is matched by few.